Saturday, 29 January 2011

Call OF Duty Black Ops 15th Prestige Level Hack

Hello Guys after a long time i am giving u Call of Duty black ops 15th prestige level hack.

Steps To Intall : 

Step 1: Download File and UnRar
Step 2: Load it Onto a Memory stick That has more than 60mb
Step 3: Put it onto your PS3 or XBOX or WII (For PC Just Save it in Savegame Folder)
Step 4: Install it Onto Console (Not Needed For PC)
Step 5: Join a Public Game And Level up Insanely fast!


Included in the Lobby:
• Any prestige Level 1 To 70
• Spinning Tenth Prestige Emblem [Unlocked]
• All challenges
• All Camos
• All Attachments
• All Titles
• All Emblems

Stats That Are Modified Are:
• XP-Left on D-Pad
• Score
• Kills
• Deaths
• Wins
• Losses
• Headshots
• Assists
• Ties
• Accuracy
• Time Played

• See Through Walls [Wall-Hack]
• No Bullet Damage From Stopping Power [God-Mode]
• No Explosive Damage From Danger Close [God-Mode]
• Unlimited Explosives
• Emergency Airdrop Gives You All Ac130's
• One Shot Kills With Stopping Power
• Perfect Accuracy With Steady Aim
• AimBot [Much Improved]
• Increased Bullet Penetration
• Real Time UAV
• UAV Is 50% Bigger
• Instant Reload With Sleight Of Hand
• Full Auto M16 and Famas
• Chat To Dead Teammates Or Other Team
• Nuke In Care Packages
• Predator Missile Martyrdom
• Instant Impact Predator Missile
• Many More
*100% Accuracy